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Seamless Data Protection In Slack
Have secure conversations inside Slack
Ask your Workspace Admin to install
Delete is our default. This means XQ messages will be automatically unreadable once they have expired. XQ never stores your messages on our servers.
Getting Started
Enable XQ In A Channel
1. Type the /xq:enable [] command. Try it now by typing /xq:enable followed by your email address in any public channel.
2-Factor Authenticate
2. Enter the Authenication Code that was emailed to you. Check your email and grab the Authentication Code XQ sent you. Enter it in the Validation pop-up modal.
Auto-Magical Encryption
3) Sha-Blam! Everything you type will be encrypted auto-magically and kept private. Only other users who have already enabled xq in this channel can read those encrypted messages. People that Enable later wont be able to see messages sent earlier.
Public Channels
Add XQ to each public channel you want to keep private. XQ must be enabled in each public channel.
Help Is Here
Get help at any time with /xq:help or type help in a DM with me.
Channel Members
To start encrypting your chats with Workspace members, have everyone you want part of the conversation type /xq:enable in the channel.
How To Use XQ
Returning To A Chat
When you are logged in to Slack and someone sends you an encrypted message you see it decrypted immediately. XQ is nice like that. However, when you come back to an XQ message after closing Slack the ephemeral decryption is gone. To see a message again click the REVEAL button and see the decrypted message in a modal."
Who Can Read Your Messages?
Who can read your messages? Only other users who have already Enabled XQ in a channel can see the messages sent AFTER they joined. So if Jane and Bob are having a private conversation in a channel and Morris joins, Morris won't be able to read the previously sent private messages in the channel.
XQ In Direct Messages
Add XQ to your DMs
After you have added @XQ_Message to your DM chat with other people and type /xq:enable [], enter the Authorization Code emailed to you. To chat you must type /xq your message.
DM limitations
Unfortunately, auto-magic encryption isn't supported in DMs and Private Channels. You can still send encrypted messages by typing /xq your message in your DM chat with other people.
Make Enabling Easier
Tired of entering your email to /xq:enable? If your Workspace Admin has enabled Email Display in Workspace/Settings & Permissions you can just type /xq:enable and XQ will automatically send you an Authentication code.
Login Security Alerts
Want to increase your security and get alerts when your account is logged into on another surface or device? If you have a paid Slack account, XQ will send you an email alerting you when a new login occurs.
Want Key Control?
As part of your organizations policies, do you need to have control of the encryption keys used for your messages? XQ Pro and XQ Enterprise have the ability to give you export key control or even have direct ownership. Give us a shout if you'd like to discuss these options at
Privacy For You And Me
Edge Encryption
XQ never stores your messages. XQ won't read your messages because we never have your data - neither will anybody else. The encrypted content stays within your Slack and we provide the logic to encrypt and decrypt the messages."
Privacy Is Your Right
XQ Encryption safety
We are dedicated to your right to privacy. We believe it is your digital human right to be safe online, so we set out to build a system unlike any other to protect your emails and messages. XQ Message is the first quantum safe messaging platform available to the public. With our patent pending technology we've made sending a message securely super simple.
Made in Oakland
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