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Make Quantum Encryption a Default Organization Policy

The XQ API platform can be directly integrated into your mobile, SaaS, IoT or cloud application to take complete ownership of your data and streamline encryption practices. With our SDKs, you can easily automate encryption in your server and mobile applications. XQ is perfect for automating the distribution of documents containing personally identifiable information (PII). As an example, the XQ API is currently in use by firms that handle large volumes of contracts and other documents that contain sensitive information.


It’s likely that your workflow is highly repetitive, regardless of which sector you’re in. You’re probably sending out large volumes of identical forms and documents. These documents likely contain sensitive information, whether they are invoices, contracts, or transcripts. If any one of these documents were to be intercepted, your goose (or plant-based fowl substitute) would be cooked. Not only are you subject to fines, but your reputation would be in tatters.

At XQ, we’ve solved this problem by building an API and SDKs that operate server-side to build quantum-safe encryption directly into your application. Once XQ’s API and SDKs are implemented in your mobile, SaaS, IoT, or cloud application, you can set organizational policies as to which types of documents are automatically encrypted before being sent out. It won’t impact your workflow at all and is run with zero input from employees.


The XQ API and SDKs are commonly used by firms for server-side document encryption including contracts. Disbursing contracts is often one of the most tedious and risky events a business can undertake. Procedures are often boilerplate, but the information contained within if often highly-sensitive personally identifiable information.

Let’s say you’re a realtor that owns a small real estate brokerage. If your brokers are good at their job (we hope they are) your firm will be dealing with large volumes of contracts that need to be passed repeatedly from realtor to client and eventually to the counterparty. These documents not only contain highly sensitive information but also frequently need to be edited and revised as the process moves along. The repeated exchange of the contract provides cybercriminals with ample opportunity to intercept it, stealing your client’s identity and sullying your reputation.

The XQ API was built precisely for situations like these, where routine transactions require advanced security. With our API and SDKs you can automate encryption for all contracts, ensuring that the document remains secure as it is passed between you, your client, and third-parties.


XQ offers key control for data ownership to take us completely out of the loop. You can export your keys to take full control of your data and to remove both XQ and SaaS vendors like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. .

Further, key control allows you to protect your data in the event of a partner breach. For example, imagine that your company does business with another firm and frequently exchanges sensitive messages and documents with them. You’re wary of their data protection standards and unsurprisingly you hear they have been hacked. Fortunately, you use XQ and have access to all of your keys. You can revoke all of those keys, instantly protecting your data that may have been compromised in the breach.

You can also revoke access to individual users. Let’s say you want to revoke access from someone in your secure bubble because their email account was hacked (or you fired them). By revoking their access, they’ll no longer have access to your organization’s encrypted data and archived messages can’t be retrieved anywhere on their end.

IoT Data

Our API allows you to encrypt IoT data at the edge, securing your network from prying eyes. IoT packets encrypted with XQ are secured by a qRNG and OTP, meaning they are nearly impossible to break, even if you’re using a quantum computer. Further, encrypting the reams of data moving through IoT networks requires a light, scalable platform that grows as new devices are added. XQ seamlessly scales with you as your network grows to encompass evermore devices. XQ’s API has direct applications in all manner of IoT networks, from smart energy and manufacturing to smart logistics and cities.

Let’s use smart cities as an example. Cities across the globe are growing quickly, with the UN projecting that 70% of the world’s population will be urban dwellers by 2050. Cities are increasingly adopting smart solutions to maintain and enhance the quality of life while dealing with a mass influx of people. Smart city solutions usually encompass a network of sensors that track the movement of people and vehicles, study environmental conditions, and follow other vectors of urban life. While smart city technology is certainly useful, it has the potential to compromise the privacy and security of every inhabitant in the city, unless advanced security procedures are implemented.

With XQ, you can secure smart city IoT networks. Our API facilitates edge encryption that secures data before it moves into the cloud. That means that IoT devices are secured and protected from the prying eyes of cybercriminals and other threat actors.


When you use conferencing services like Zoom and Webex, people (as well as the provider) can easily listen in on your conversations. To solve this, our architecture supports on the fly encryption of streaming media and voice. With XQ, the audio is transparently encrypted directly on the user’s device. Now, you no longer need to worry about your calls being intercepted and surveilled by unwanted ears.

PII Intake

With the implementation of GDPR and CCPA, the management of personally identifiable information (PII) has become one of the biggest liabilities for firms. CCPA, the herald of new American privacy laws, punishes the disclosure of each piece of PII with a $2,500 fine. For firms that take in vast amounts of PII from webforms, the possibility of fines is immense given the ease with which data can be intercepted en-route from the device to your server.

Fortunately, XQ has you covered. With our API, you can deploy a client-side Javascript SDK that encrypts webforms. Suddenly one of your biggest liabilities becomes a comparative advantage. Customers can rest assured that their information is safe in even their most trivial of interactions with you.

With the implementation of GDPR and CCPA, the management of personally identifiable information (PII) has become one of the biggest

5G Data Encryption

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by large-scale digital integration of devices (IoT) and is made possible, in part, by 5G technology. Greater integration presents new security challenges that are highly complex to solve and could have devastating consequences if not remedied.

XQ is working to secure 5G networks today, in preparation for tomorrow. We bring quantum-safe encryption to 5G networks to secure them from a myriad of threats. XQ allows operators to send encrypted packets between 5G UE and application infrastructure. This bi-directional encryption enables secure communications across untrusted 5G RAN and CORE infrastructure.

Further, XQ enables 5G operators to utilize quantum-safe encryption algorithms to protect IoT sensor data across untrusted RAN/CORE infrastructure. 5G operators can use new NIST quantum-safe algorithms as well as existing algorithms such as AES and XOR/OTP.

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