XQ is the first cross platform data encryption and tracking service

Businesses today have migrated to a mobile centric, software platform centric operating model. Protecting sensitive data is very difficult as it impossible to know who is accessing content. XQ has developed a new API-based data protection service that encrypts data on edge devices before it goes to software platforms. Moreover it logs both the encryption and decryption giving users visibility into who, when and where their data is being accessed.

SMB Email Security

Small businesses live on email. Invoices, banking information, customer lists, confidential contracts – it’s all on email. Unfortunately the only thing protecting SMB’s is their password (which is often the word password). XQ enables SMB’s to encrypt and track their emails across popular platforms such as Gmail and Office.

Regulated Enterprises

XQ enables regulated entities such as financial and medical institutions to ensure only authenticated and authorized users are reading protected emails. Moreover XQ provides regulated enterprises with a powerful dashboard to log every email transaction to meet HIPPA, CCPA and NIST CUI 800-171 requirements.

Developer Friendly

XQ’s API-based data encryption and tracking service is very developer friendly. For developers only need to learn 3 sets of calls for entropy, key posting and retrieval. Whether you’re a developer creating a supply chain application or building a state-of-the-art 5G sensor XQ is your ideal data protection solution.

Future Proof

To protect Regulated Enterprises and IoT Developers from emerging quantum computer attacks XQ provides a quantum safe, crypto-agile platform. XQ enables development partners to utilize their own quantum Random Number Generator (qRNG) if entropy is low on their system. XQ also supports existing algorithms such as AES and OTP as well as new NIST quantum safe lattice algorithms.

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