5G is a critical technology that will radically improve cellular networks, enabling new IoT frameworks that will help drive the Fourth Digital Industrial Revolution.

The impact of 5G will be felt in a cascading effect that touches nearly every device of our connected world. This has raised serious concerns about 5G security. The potential for abuse is at unparalleled levels. Existing 5G security protocols use digital certificates to secure networks, an outmoded practice that leaves many network vulnerabilities.

We Believe That 5G Requires Leading-Edge Quantum-Safe Security Solutions.

XQ has developed a new API-based edge-encryption architecture that simplifies protecting data for 5G IoT systems. XQ’s model encrypts data on the edge device and utilizes a cloud for key distribution. Other traditional data protection solutions in which the encrypted data and key are stored together XQ’s architecture separates data and keys as a countermeasure to data exfiltration attacks.

Our API allows you to encrypt IoT data at the edge, securing your network from prying eyes. IoT packets encrypted with XQ are secured using a qRNG and NIST algorithms for quantum-resistant cryptography, meaning they are nearly impossible to break, even if infiltrators are using quantum computers. Further, encrypting the reams of data moving through IoT networks requires a light, scalable platform that grows as new devices are added. XQ seamlessly scales with you as your network grows to encompass evermore devices. XQ’s API has direct applications in all manner of IoT networks, from smart energy and manufacturing to smart logistics and cities.

XQ allows operators to send encrypted packets between 5G UE and application infrastructure. This bi-directional encryption enables secure communications across untrusted 5G RAN and CORE infrastructure.
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