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Messaging on the Internet is not Secure.
Take precautions so you can keep what's important to you protected.
Recent security breaches have brought online privacy into question.

Everyone from the DNC to Sony Pictures has been a victim of hacking including the 3 billion email accounts hacked at Yahoo!

Companies that we want to trust, don't have strong enough security in place to protect our most sensitive information like your financial records, your medical test results or your will and every day this privacy is being violated. Your exchanges, transactions and communications are exposed.
What is needed, and missing to date, is a service that is easy to use, works across existing messaging platforms and doesn't allow users' messages to be read by anyone except who you want.
Why XQ is Better.
Privacy is your right.
You shouldn't expect to give away your privacy to use an app.
Free Forever
XQ will be free forever. As long as we're around you'll be able to send emails that are quantum safe. There is no risk to signing up.
Super Simple
It's important that we make sending an XQ encrypted message simple and easy. XQ will let you encrypt and send a secure message in as little as 1 click! It doesn't get easier than that.
Super Safe
XQ offers 3 levels of security to match your needs: Instant, Personal and Lockdown! XQ uses an architecture using quantum random numbers that is more secure than existing email encryption solutions because super computers and quantum computers have a much harder time hacking it.
Message Expiration
XQ messages only live for as long as you want them to.*

By default, messages automatically expire after 3 days and then can't be decrypted. This way you won't have to worry about that credit card number you sent Joe's repair being in his email forever.

* Subscription plan dependent

Data Blind
XQ won't read your emails and messages because we never have your data - neither will anybody else. The encrypted content stays within your existing service (like Gmail) and we provide the logic to encrypt and decrypt the messages.
Cross Platform
XQ is compatible with all the platforms you already use to send messages and email. No need to change. Keep using Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, Hotmail and everything else. We'll keep your information safe wherever you send it.

Just keep doing you and add in XQ.

Choose a Plan
Select the plan that keeps you safest.

- New Quantum Key
- Cross Platform
- Edge Processing
- Free Forever
- 3 Day Expiration
- Message Password
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- New Quantum Key
- Cross Platform
- Edge Processing
- Enterprise Licensing
- Variable Expiry
- Archiving & Audit
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