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XQ is the first app to encrypt external communications across public services.
XQ enables cross platform messaging over unsecured networks such as Gmail, Outlook, SMS and all other email systems.
Professionals and enterprises have not had an easy mechanism to control the distribution of sensitive or regulated messages.
XQ is the first privacy service that uses quantum encryption.
We help enterprise meet new privacy regulations.
Why XQ is Better.
Stay up to date on new compliance regulations.
Don't run foul of CCPA and GDPR.
Free For Professionals
XQ will be free for independent professionals. For the first time, independent lawyers, financial experts, reporters, politicians and accountants can send private messages to their clients with ease on any service.
Super Simple
It's important that we make sending an XQ encrypted message simple and easy. XQ will let you encrypt and send a secure message in as little as one click! It doesn't get easier than that.
Super Safe
XQ offers 3 levels of security to match your needs: Instant, Authenticated and Privileged! XQ lets professionals set the access policies to private messages.
Message Expiration and Revocation
XQ messages only live for as long as you want them to. Messages automatically expire and then can't be decrypted. In addition, messages can be revoke after they've been sent.
Data Blind
XQ won't read your emails and messages because we never have your data - neither will anybody else. The encrypted content stays within your existing service (like Gmail or Outlook) and we provide the logic to encrypt and decrypt the messages.
Cross Platform
XQ is compatible with all the platforms you already use to send messages and email to your customers. Commmunicate with your customers using the service they want. Keep using Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo, Hotmail and everything else.
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- Quantum Safe
- Cross Platform
- Edge Processing
- Free Forever
- Expiry
- Message Password
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- Quantum Safe
- Read Reciepts
- Identity Federation
- Policy Control
- Dedicated Instance
- Archiving & Audit
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